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Comparing Sherwin Williams Duration Vs. Sherwin Williams Emerald

March 30th 2023

What distinguishes Emerald paint from Sherwin Williams Duration? You might believe that all paints are equivalent and would produce the same results. Yet there are a ton of paints on the market, just like with other goods. The cost, quality, availability, chemical composition, sheen, coverage, and color options of these paints all vary significantly. It's critical to conduct research and product comparisons before choosing a paint product for your project. You can be sure that you will receive exactly what you ordered.


Sherwin Williams Duration


Duration first appeared on the market in 2002. Because of its wider coverage and flexible finish, Duration rapidly became the preferred product for more expensive painters. Most paint formulations required numerous applications before Duration was invented. One of the earliest paints, Sherwin Williams Duration, did away with this extra process, bringing down labor and material costs. Because Duration is thicker than typical latex paints, great coverage can be achieved with fewer coats. Because it is self-priming and available in flat, satin, and gloss finishes, Sherwin Williams Duration is fantastic.

Duration vs Emerald: Flexibility


Along with its coverage, consumers loved the flexibility of Duration. As Duration cures, it maintains a “softer” film. This is going to be a big difference between Sherwin Williams Duration and Emerald. Since Duration is a thicker, softer product it’s more flexible. This can be a great feature if you are in an area that experiences large temperature shifts.


Big changes in temperature can cause your siding and trim to swell and shrink. If this is happening frequently, then a product like Duration might be a great option for you but a word of caution. Since Duration is so soft, it does get dirtier much faster than harder paints. This is important because if you’re not washing your home frequently, dirt and pollution will cause your paint to break down sooner. The first sign of breakdown is chipping, peeling, and cracking so address those areas as soon as possible.


Sherwin Williams Emerald

With its arrival in 2012, emerald made a splash on the artwork that is now visible. Emerald and Duration were pushed against one another, and as Emerald advanced in the ranks, Duration was forced to take a backseat. Emerald is Sherwin Williams' premium exterior paint, according to the company. Check out Rain Refresh, the upgraded version of Emerald. There are several parallels between Emerald and Duration. Both have been praised for their exceptional covering and enduring sturdiness, although there are notable distinctions. Furthermore self-priming, emerald is offered in flat, satin, and gloss finishes.


Comparing Emerald and Duration


Due to its weaker layer, as we already discussed, Duration may become filthy more quickly. Because Emerald doesn't need to be thick, it provides the same level of coverage as Duration. Because Emerald provides better coverage with less product, you could argue that it is more effective than Duration. You'll spend less money on ingredients and should be able to apply only one coat for complete coverage.


Cleaning Emerald vs Duration

Like Duration, Emerald cures to a tougher, more compact film. Emerald is now more resistant to picking up dirt thanks to this function. Keep in mind that the rate at which your paint degrades will increase if dirt and pollution remain on its surface. The paint can stay cleaner thanks to Emerald's unique cross-linking technology. As a result, Sherwin Williams' #1 exterior paint, Emerald, has surpassed Duration. Emerald can now endure longer and offer many of the same advantages as Duration because of technological developments.

Final Verdict: Sherwin Williams Duration vs. Emerald


A comparison of Emerald and Duration reveals that both are excellent paint choices. A tried-and-true favorite, Duration provides exceptional coverage, toughness, and adaptability. Yet, Emerald is by far the superior paint because of its cutting-edge technology, higher can coverage, and cross-linking technology. A gallon of Duration costs roughly $80, while an Emerald can cost about $85 at the store. Although there is a small price difference, Emerald will save you money on time, labor, and materials. Prepared to choose a painter?